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Fire Departments

We work with fire departments and first responders to provide mission critical solutions.

Police Departments

Police Departments cannot compromise with their communications.


Our solutions include two-way radio sales, service and installation.

Motorola CP200d

Simple and affordable, the Motorola CP200d portable two-way radio connects your workforce efficiently—and has the flexibility to grow with your business.

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Motorola XPR 3500e

The XPR 3500e Series is designed to enhance safety in your organization, with the rapid response capability of instant push-to-talk communications.

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Motorola SL 7550e

This advanced edition of slim and light MOTOTRBO portable radios connects you with true sophistication. Pocket-sized yet powerful.

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Motorola APX 8000

With 4 RF bands and multi-mode system access, the Motorola APX 8000 knows no limits when it comes to interoperability. Now with Wi-Fi access.

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Motorola EVX-S24

The EVX-S24 is slim and easy to carry so it is ideal for hospitality, education, retail and for any market that values convenience and size.

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Motorola XPR 7550e

These radios have excellent range, battery life and audio quality in all digital and analog systems. The XPR 7000e Series delivers.

See the XPR 7550e

Improved Audio Quality

Digital focuses purely on your voice, paying no attention to the machine clatter or the crowd noise around you. The result is exceptional voice clarity.

Better Coverage

While all radio signals grow fainter as they go further out, the voice quality on analog radios degrades much more quickly. Digital offers better coverage.

Better Battery Life

Digital technology is much more energy-efficient than analog, it reduces battery drain and improves talk time. Count on your battery to last up to 40% longer.

Increased Capacity

When it comes to spectrum efficiency, nothing matches digital. It can accommodate two completely separate "channels" in one 12.5 kHz channel.

Data Applications

Motorola has worked with third-party developers to build a robust marketplace of enhanced applications to work with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios.

New Enhanced Models

The new enhanced Motorola Solutions portable two-way radios offer even better battery life. They also include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

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